It’s obvious that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s scrying about her impending New Hampshire primary doom had led to panic and desperation — she dispatched hubby Bill Clinton, the former President who killed a Black man to be elected, incarcerated many more Black men to get reelected, made the poverty situation of Black families even worse, stifled the economic development of nations to the benefit of oligarchs then and now, put banks and the US economy on a crash course with a crash cart, developed a reputation for womanizing so abysmally legendary where many felt compelled to believe he’s a sexist —  to make a stand for her beleaguered campaign. Ironically enough, the former President used the term “sexist” to describe his wife’s critics.

(Laughing) As if the equally legendary prose prowess of Slick Willie can fix an unlikable candidate with integrity issues by blaming the ones doing the disliking — all the while ignoring his own failings as a policymaker.

If that’s the game Secretary Clinton wants to play, she’d better hope Americans forget about how she supported every one of those socially dangerous policies her husband advocated during the 90s.

But I don’t need to live in the past. I plan to talk about Secretary Clinton’s policies of the present. Stay tuned …

song currently stuck in my head: “siete ocho” – andrew hill

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