hillary clinton goldman sachs

My Sunday Smack deals with the last Presidential primary debate, where candidate Hillary Clinton tried to assure viewers of her ability and willingness to regulate Wall Street:

I have a plan that most commentators have said is tougher, more effective and more comprehensive …

The topic of financial services regulation remains a hot topic since many blame the 2008 crash on reckless gambling made by banks.

Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, points out the large amount in speaker fees Clinton collected from  financial institutions as evidence that Clinton can’t concurrently serve the interests of Wall Street and Main Street.

Sensing a conflict of interest, The Intercept’s Lee Feng publicly asked Clinton if she’s willing to release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs. Her reaction — a laugh, followed by evasion — was captured on video:

So, here’s my Sunday Smack: “Are you concerned about whether or not Hillary Clinton has a conflict of interest with respect to Wall Street?

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