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Alleged Emmanuel AME Church Shooter Dylann Storm Roof

Do you think lions can make a credible “We are not your enemies” plea to water buffalos?

I never had a chance to rap with them to give you a cogent answer, but I’m pretty sure the Water Buffalo language has an equivalent expression for “predator.”

And this is why water buffalos are alarmed or ready to take flight when they see lions.

Or, the buffalos may choose to fight.

Some of you will argue that not all lions want to eat buffalos—or, at least not when lions have full stomachs.

but the problem of saiety and predatory behavior partially explains how Dylann Storm Roof’s admitted hatred of the Black race resulted in him shooting nine African descendants to death during Bible study at Emmanuel AME Church, and how this mass murder in a society that likes to think it has reduced racism to a distant dot in its rear-view mirror identifies three of several complex problems in American race relations.

The first problem is that African descendants in America have longstanding predators.

The second problem is many members of the public—with mass media support—do not want African descendants or other Americans to acknowledge that the first problem exists.

The third problem is that the second problem appears to be working.


You don’t have to be a water buffalo to understand the deadly results of not acknowledging the existence of your predators.

Neither Roof’s actions nor his mental model are isolated artifacts—even his pre-murder rhetoric sounded like fractals of arguments used in the Antebellum South to justify slavery in America.

Roof said “The Blacks are taking over,” prior to his killing spree, but isn’t that what Confederacy advocates said in the mid-1800.s regarding the idea of freeing African descendant slaves?

Confederate oppressors said back then that newly freed Blacks would rape, if not marry, White women—a statement which is also similar to Roof’s sentiments.

These parallels are not coincidental. We’ve heard these fractals of hatred throughout the decades, and continue to do so.

These fractals supported the Black Codes that destroyed any reasonable chance for African-descendant progress subsequent to the Civil War to the point where calling the post-war period “Reconstruction” is either a sick joke or a nomenclature solely reserved for the maintenance of this predatory behavior.

The same fractals of hatred supported racial segregation and denied African descendants of voting rights in America.

These fractals extend beyond boundaries. They were behind the New York City Draft Riots in 1863, resulting the deaths of more than 100 African descendants while running so many more out of Manhattan where the area’s demographics were permanently changed.

Fractals were behind the coast-to-coast labor riots of the 1920s, as well as the zoot suit riots of 1944.

These same fractals simultaneously created the White suburbs and larger Black ghettos through a dual-track strategy of targeted government funding of the former and abdication of economic development plans for the latter.

These fractals created decades-long bank loan traps for Black communities—assuming any banking activity occurred at all—and even as I write, a NYC Transit worker is telling a subway passenger how his boss boasted about mistreating other workers with darker skin.

The same fractals represent a large and evolving political block. Before shapeshifting into Republicans, they used to be Democrats. These days, a slice of the Republican Party metastasized into Tea Party advocates. But they remain fractals of hatred.

And yes, the fractals have overrun the Democratic Party.

These fractals have been doctors, corporate executives, police officers and politicians.

daily new front page families of Emmanuel shooting victims forgive murderer dylann storm roof

And if this confession from an Orthodox Jewish landlord is true, some beneficiaries of neighborhood gentrification inclusive of Progressive hipsters are fractals.

And every time a high profile act of violence by these fractals occurs, public figures take to the media outlets to convince you that the incident of the moment—even with the accumulated history of racial violence in America—are only isolated occurrences, or not even racist at all.

In other words, water buffalos have no predators, or perhaps “the problem” has to do with the prey and not the predator.

Despite the racist words Roof spoke as he shot the life out of nine African American churchgoers, Presidential candidate Jeb Bush isn’t certain if the Emmanuel shootings were driven by race.

Fellow candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham appears to agree. Another Presidential hopeful, Gov. Rick Perry, considered drugs to be Roof’s motivator, and never mentioned race.

These clear acts of issue circumvention demonstrate the size and power of fractals over politicians and media. Gov. Bush, et al can’t even say the words “predator” and “prey”—even if they witnessed a lion having fresh, buffalo innards for dinner.


These fractals have historically been paired with enablers. For example, Northern US bank cartels were quiet about slavery since the institution of bondage—from the vantage point of a business being tasked to finance slavery’s operations—made too much money for anyone even remotely connected to this global supply chain to care about lives or morality.

And we see examples of fractal enablers today. I wrote a short time ago that warped perceptions created by institutions and individuals create or preserve an environment for racism and its related deaths.

An artifact which supports my belief is a 2008 survey which showed that a large percentage of Whites had negative views about African-descendant Americans. The significance of the poll is unmistakable: one does not ecessarily need a gun and a mass-murder plan to be a fractal of hate or an enabler of predatory behavior.

It’s time to throw in some common sense qualifiers. I’m not, nor likely ever, call all European Americans predators. I’ve met plenty of Whites who have clearly demonstrated that they do not have an appetite for hatred.

However we will never avoid a path to what will eventually lead to an explosive situation many more times worse then the Emmanuel AME Church shootings if we continue our trivialization myths of racial predators…


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