islamists al nusra front claim second state in northern syria

Not to be outdone by Boko Haram and Islamic State, terrorist group al-Nusra Front has upped its stake in the global caliphate race by claiming a part of Northern Syria, thus making the current Syria war even more complicated, deadly and difficult to resolve.

And history books years from now will be able to cite Israel as one of the enablers to the way al-Nusra rolls today.

I’ve been reading stories during the past two years which have accused Israel of helping the Jihadist rebels overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—an act, if true, would be not only hypocritical, but also downright dangerous and foolish—except I’ve never seen any solid proof of the charges. Therefore, I kept these accusations off my blog.

Sure, you may say “Well, how come the Syrian rebels haven’t attacked Israel? After all, doesn’t every Jihadist want to do that,” or “How come Israeli doctors have been treating injured rebels,” but I didn’t consider those artifacts irrefutable indicators of Israel offering military support or coordination.

Well, photographer and friend Juan Carlos Hernandez recently pointed me to proof I can’t ignore—and it comes from a credible source.

The United Nations Security Council published a report which confirms the Israeli army and the Jabhat al-Nursa rebels have been communicating with each other in an active battle zone. The brief went further and said that Israel has provided material support to the al-Qaeda affiliate in the form of maps, processing of deceased rebels, and briefings concerning the medical condition of injured rebels. I’ll remind you that al-Nusra is on the US terrorist list.

I’ll let the UN report tell the story:

Throughout the reporting period, UNDOF frequently observed armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United Nations position 85.


On 59 occasions, particularly during periods of heavy engagement between the Syrian armed forces and members of the armed opposition, UNDOF observed armed members of the opposition transferring 89 wounded persons from the Bravo side across the ceasefire line to IDF and IDF on the Alpha side handing over 19 treated and 2 deceased individuals o the armed members of the opposition on the Bravo side. On one occasion, UNDOF observed IDF on the Alpha side handing over two boxes to armed members of the opposition on the Bravo side.

Just like the Afghan and Iraqi hellholes which were also Western creations, Syria appears destined for the same downward spiral, complete with westward-facing blowback which will have the press wonder through tears “Why do they hate us?”

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