iran president hassan rouhani wishes to remove his country from isolation and engage the west

On January 15, the world approaches what could be a decisive round of negotiations in Geneva regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Since Iran is willing to talk with the P5+1 in order to free itself from the US-imposed economic sanctions, Iran President Hassan Rouhani obviously needs to return home after the talks with fewer sanctions against its oil and banking sectors. I know that doesn’t sound like rocket science, but there are some diplomats in the US who don’t wish to give Iran anything for making concessions to its nuclear program.

Anything short of lifted sanctions may lead to Iran’s hardliners making the case that the country is being played. Then the story can take an uglier turn.

However, a deal which addresses enrichment as well as Iran’s ability to conduct global trade would be—in lack of a better term—interesting, given how Rouhani and many American policymakers share similar thoughts about the economy.

For instance, Rouhani wrote in a book titled National Security and Iran’s Economic System that he believes in cutting the minimum wage, privatizing targeted government enterprises, eliminating regulations, and giving business owners more freedom to make the decisions necessary—inclusive of bypassing Iran’s traditional policy barriers to worker layoffs—in order to spark economic growth and prosperity.

By the way, Rouhani used the term “Job Creators” in the book to describe Iranian owners of businesses and capital.

Doesn’t Rouhani sound like your typical Trickle-Down, Neo-Liberal? He’s going to be a hit with those Western oil company Job Creators! Well, whenever the sanctions are lifted…

But some actors are not down for any sort of deal with Iran.

Stay tuned…

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