segregation where we stand report

New readers who wonder why I call American Democrats the Party of No Guts and Republicans the Party of No Brains can look to East-West Gateway’s latest Where We Stand report (pdf) on St. Louis Racial segregation for part of my reasoning.

Go ahead and point out the PNBs’ legendary record of racial hang-ups to justify your support for the PNGs—then look at this Black-White segregation metrics chart I grabbed from the WWS report. Most of the top 20 American metropolitan areas with this most segregation are filled with…Democrats.


Here’s an observation which may astound some of you—the cosmopolitan capital of the nation known as New York City is number two! But some of you already know that NYC has taken segregation to a different level these days.

And of course American segregation 3.0 is almost always accompanied by public policies that reinforce racial inequality across health, social and economic dimensions.

Now, what were you saying about the party with racial hang-ups…?

I’ll risk over-communicating at this point and say the WWS report should not be used by lovers of race harmony as a justification to become Conservatives. The fundamentalist wing of the PNBs will quickly convince you that hopping parties isn’t the smartest idea.

The simple takeaway: people’s words are less meaningful than the policies that are created and supported…

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