Photo: Ivan Sekretarev/AP

Folks, you have to pull your heads out of the mainstream newspapers and at minimum consider that the US shares equal blame for the situation in Ukraine today. Using the term “equal” could be generous.

While I list the instances of the America’s Ukraine meddling, I want you to reverse the roles and tell me if the US would stand for Russia or any other country doing the following on America’s border:


  • America’s support of a coup in against Ukraine’s democratically-elected leader.
  • US diplomats having a phone conversation that sounds nothing less than planning regime change in a sovereign nation that sits on Russia’s border, IN ADDITION to discussing who should they will hand-pick to serve in Ukraine’s government.
  • NATO virtually moving to Russia’s doorstep through a partnership with Ukraine.
  • America’s endorsement of an pro-EU Ukrainian regime containing violent, right-wing elements which remind Russians of a deadly, fascist period in WWII history – a period which will make Russians choose go to war today before reliving.
  • Leveraging Ukraine’s position on Russia’s border as a tool for disrupting Russian trade and commerce.
  • Supporting IMF-led economic reforms in Ukraine that looks like austerity, and will arguably make the economy worse while creating additional instability on Russia’s border.


I don’t know for sure that Russia currently has troops in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government tells too many fibs to believe anything that country says these days.

But it seems as if Russia doesn’t need to invade Ukraine since the latter’s economy is going to be so jacked in a few months where its people will change leadership without Russia’s help.

Still, given all the instances of meddling I mentioned, you shouldn’t be surprised if Russian tanks roll into Eastern Ukraine…

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