Photo: Reuters/Brendan Smialowski

Let’s quickly replay what happened in Egypt during the past four years and four months, leading up to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent talk with Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The US supported a brutal Egyptian strongman in the form Hosni Mubarak for decades…

…then turned around and requested that Mubarak step down after public unrest finally caught up with his brutal ways…

…made a stink – without using the C-word – about the Egyptian military Junta overthrowing the strongman’s elected successor and using the same repressive tactics deployed by the previous strongman. The US subsequently suspends military aid to Egypt…

…witnessed Egypt – still holding down its pitiful banana republic with no bananas status – leverage the help of friends to get by without US aid …

…then finally dispatched Kerry to Egypt so that he can announce the return of US military aid, as well as a partnership with the new President of Egypt, who happens to be the head of that evil Junta I just talked about. By the way, Sisi has no intention of freeing those jailed Al-Jazeera journalists, regardless of President Obama’s requests for clemency.

So, does the US think we’re all stupid, or is this a spastic American foreign policy?

Or, drawing the trend line through the charade of scattered dots, we’re looking at a consistent US policy of supporting dictators in the Middle East to enable a narrow set of interests?

We could be looking at a mix of all three possibilities…

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