Jay-Z’s paralyzing decision point about the next steps he should take in his upcoming venture with Barneys New York, given the store’s racially-scented harassment of young black shoppers, reminds me of a midnight stroll I took through Battery Park City’s North Cove marina a few months ago where I saw aspiring members of the 1 Percent partying on a docked yacht, drinking beer and blasting music by NWA. I didn’t see one person of African descent in the small crowd.

Yes, they all knew the song’s lyrics and proved it. Loudly. I don’t believe anyone was arrested, by the way…


While Mr. Carter is still waiting on facts about the two Barneys shop-and-frisk incidents in question before stating an opinion – (laughing) as if he developed an aversion to making a phone call to Barneys CEO Mark Lee to obtain these desired facts – Al Sharpton and crew have met with Barneys management to discuss…the facts.

In addition, Team Sharpton reinstated Macy’s on the retail injustice radar.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, unlike Hova, decided that waiting on a fact-filled phone call from Barneys is too passive for an approach and made a formal request for Barneys to disclose its policies for thwarting shoplifters and detaining customers.


Before I go further, please understand that I’m not an advocate for Jay-Z becoming a spokesperson for racial equality. Nothing against Hova; I feel this way about all celebrities.

But my curiosity still begs: what’s driving the Hova Dilemma?

older white woman holding champagne glass while flashing gang sign

If you’re willing to hear Jay Z’s explanation, dissolving the Barneys partnership and participating in a boycott will starve his Shawn Carter Foundation of funds that will benefit potential scholarship recipients.

white hip hop fans

Hmm. I recall the apartheid South African government using a similar line of reasoning in the 1980s for why the world was wrong for boycotting its goods, tourism and investment opportunities…

tourists with local

If you’re willing to hear my explanation, think about that yacht party I mentioned…

song currently stuck in my head: “dear fairy” – matthus raman

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