You likely wouldn’t notice this, but I haven’t done much to promote this blog.

In fact, with the exception of a very small handful of instances, I haven’t even told my online friends about mentalunrest.

Of course I’m not ashamed of my posts, and I’m completely cool with folks finding and sharing my words.

But there are a few details I want to sort out before I grab the bullhorn.

For instance, I want to publish 100 posts. In my view as a non-celebrity, it wouldn’t make sense to publish only two posts and then make noise about such a small body of work. I’m close to the 100-mark these days…

This person and her ability to convince thousands of people to believe damn-near anything through her documented words became catalysts for mentalunrest’s genesis. My mission is to offer yet another documented and dissenting voice in a world that heavily relies on memes for facts. Politics, music, social issues, food, relationships and just about anthing else are fair game.

Using the latter statement as my guidepost means I will provide more balance to the current content mix by covering a wider range of topics.

I would use this post to ask for input about areas to cover, but I’ll remind you that the bullhorn is still on the shelf…

There are a few site design issues that I’ve viewed with a low priority up to now, given my general assumption that no one is reading these posts. I hope to make a few small changes within the next week.

Many thanks if you ran into this blog and chose to make it a part of your regular reading. I hope to make the next round of changes compelling enough for you to stay sround…

song currently stuck in my head: “the art of war” – ralph peterson

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