I see two things accomplished by the recent partisan-driven budget standoff between Congress and the White House.

In a case of twin-irony, the Party of No Guts displayed a rare streak of courage while the Party of No Brains won something that they’ve always claimed to be viscerally against – more government regulations! (Laughing) C’mon, what else can you call the added income verification provision to the Affordable Care Act?

The second accomplishment is that the stage has been set for another federal budget and debt ceiling hostage episode in early 2014, which will likely fuel fears that an increasingly unstable political environment in America will not inspire confidence in the countries that depend on the US Dollar for investment and trade.

While it will take a few years to happen, the curtain will close on this show in a bad way unless America grows up…

song currently stuck in my head: “minor soul” – johnny lytle

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