Bashar al-Assad's face on clothing

While President Obama moves closer to deciding whether or not the US will “officially” provide the Syrian rebels with lethal military aid above and beyond the “unofficial” lethal aid the CIA is already providing, an interesting news development regarding the Syrian people’s opinion about their full-on civil war didn’t seem to make the mainstream American press.

Brace yourselves – 70% of Syrians surveyed by Western-sponsored relief organizations support the Bashar al-Assad regime.

10% support the rebels.

20% had no opinion.

Now for a perverse splash of credibility: NATO, an organization that seems to have a hard-on for giving Assad the Gaddafi treatment, studied the survey results with no signs of push-back.

I’m sure the survey point-scrapers –you know who you are – already tried adding the “pro-rebel” and “indifferent” numbers to foolishly see how that compares to SEVENTY PERCENT. Good luck…

Here’s something the Syrian people figured out that some of us Westerners still don’t get: when citizens are faced with a lung-eatingincreasingly foreign rebel force filled with a virtually unlimited number of armed gangs and jihadists who gas and gun-down unarmed civilians thanks to the deep-pocketed sponsorship of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, a non-cannibal but heavy-handed leader like Assad will always get more love…

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