US senator john mccain visited syrian rebels earlier this week

Okay, I’ll ask: why did Senator John McCain visit Syria and meet with “The Rebels”?

What useful purpose did McCain’s meeting accomplish?

It wasn’t too long ago that Russia finally agreed with the US to have a Syrian peace conference in Geneva. Now Senator McGrimace meets with the Syrian rebels this week, and then talks to the press about arming the rebels and establishing a no-fly zone?

McGrimace spent a few months back in 2008 to make the case that he’s not fit to be President. Add Secretary of State to the no-nominate list.

I’m not a fan of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but I must admit he nicely summed up these “rebels” in his interview with Argentina newspaper, Clarin (translated):

“They are not a single entity. They are different groups and bands, not dozens but hundreds. They are a mixture and each group has its local leader. And who can unify thousands of people? We can’t discuss a timetable [for a ceasefire] with a party if we don’t know who they are.”

I wrote about these fragmented rebels about ten months ago. Perhaps Assad and I have overactive imaginations…

Back to McGrimace – is he really this dumb, or is he an agent for some broader evil purpose, and he’s simply not a smooth liar?

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