US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin may improve counter-terrorist cooperation following the Boston marathon bombings as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi approaches. From Kambui Mental Unrest
US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Have you ever been to a funeral and someone who you felt never cared much about you rolled-up, gave you a big hug and began moaning about how “We need to get together, Love, and not wait for funerals to talk. Life’s too short!”

And then – as you likely expected – you never hear from the “friend” again, even after you call a couple of times?? Wait for the next funeral…

Russia President Vladimir Putin reminded me of that kind of friend when he called President Obama after the Boston Marathon bombings and pledged “the building of close coordination between Russian and American intelligence services in the battle with global terrorism.”

(Laughing) Putin is hoping we can’t or won’t read about how he accuses the US of interfering in Russian domestic affairs or how Russia blames the separatist activity in the Northern Caucasus region on the meddling of Western intelligence agencies! [TRANSLATED]

So when Putin calls Obama and says “We should get together…”

I alluded to a point in an earlier post that I’ll restate more directly: we know Tamerlan Tsarnaev was being watched by Russian intelligence as a potential problem. What if FSB and SVR agents looked the other way as long as Tsarnaev wasn’t trying to set-off the next Russian Revolution?

Putin is highly motivated to be Obama’s buddy right now, since the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place in Sochi – a city conveniently located near that hot spot, the Caucasus Mountains. Putin will need plenty of outside help to keep that event terrorist-free and avoid embarrassment.

The way Russia may see it, there’s almost nothing like a bombing to get America’s attention and to foster cooperation down the road. If America wasn’t meddling in Russian affairs in the past, I’ll bet a change is about to happen…

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