To Black Men Who Want To See Rihanna on the British Vogue Magazine Cover Walking Behind A$AP Rocky

Unless she’s wearing a thong and dropping its contents to the floor like a biscuit …

rihanna and a$ap rocky with child on british vogue magazine cover

I guess the men who are upset about the latest British Vogue cover are the same men who won’t visit their baby across town to risk making eye contact with their baby’s mother since she may hit him up for delinquent child support.

Some of this is true since some of our complainers use the Internet as their diaries (laughing), making sleuthing easy work.

These men also — likely — complained about Wakanda Forever even before the movie hit theaters. I have my own set of problems with the movie, but Black women have nothing to do with them.

These men likely still think Bill Cosby is innocent — technicalities notwithstanding.

And their sons and daughters think a man who orders dessert or an appetizer at a restaurant is gay — in other words, not a man.

tweet from twitter user msfishscale, whose account is currently suspended. Msfishscale said "A guy ordering dessert on a date is a red flag for me. That's a female thing to do [for real]."

Was Ri supposed to be on the cover, making chicken and biscuits, while an impatient A$AP sits on his throne and their son is hanging — lip-to-nipple only — from his mom?

Vogue is a WOMEN’S MAGAZINE that celebrates women and their endless blends of capabilities to change the universe.

So, instead of celebrating a woman of color who has been beating the social odds over the years, these men would prefer to see Rihanna switching out her boss wrapper for a heavy-duty Aunt Jemima apron and head wrap?

The sense of manhood is so fragile around here where dudes are losing their sugar-honey-iced-tea over a photo they’re not a part of.

I grew up in a household with a powerful image of a woman and an equally powerful stamp of a man.

Sometimes, Dad had no idea how to handle a situation but made a smart move: sit down, shut up and allow Mom to handle the situation.

Conversely, Mom may not have known how to deal with a matter, but she was smart enough to sit down, shut up, and let Dad handle it.

Plus, they had each other’s back the entire time.

Dudes, walking behind your woman — for a PHOTO — only spells the end of your manhood if you don’t realize that you may not have all the answers to move your tribe forward.

And being a loving father to your child — ON CAMERA — can mean you’ve set an example for those men who can’t even tell their children, “I love you.”

This meeting of the He-Man Women Haters Club has now concluded.

song currently stuck in my head: “a good woman” – izo fitzroy

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