Remembering Michael Jackson

Photo of Michael Jackson as a boy. Posting by Kambui in rememberance of Jackson's death on mental unrest
You are missed.

Michael Jackson transitioned on this day in 2009.

I celebrate him often. No need to change my routine just because he no longer walks among us.

Jackson still saturates party boats, weddings, get-togethers, nightclubs and solo-chill moments with grooves, smiles and memories.

I’m taking this moment to play “I Can’t Help It” from Jackson’s Off the Wall release, my favorite album from him.

The song has a legit “Rekutt”, thanks to Todd Terje.

“Burn this Disco Out” closes Off the Wall. And vocalist Lisala Beatty — who I think doesn’t make enough music — turns in a perfect cover with almost no instruments.

Love always, Michael …

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