Roger Williams scores again with his Wednesday Wind Down Zone Soul Music podcast — May 27

Proper Modern Soul Music every Sunday and final Wednesday of the month

Another example of my weirdness: I Shazam songs I already know.

My guess is that I have trust issues with the app and want to catch it in a lie. Not sure.

An Aha-you-busted moment came last night when Soul Music podcaster Roger Williams played Impact’s “Something to Rock Too” during his monthly last-Wednesday show rotation on Starpoint Radio.

Shazam said it was “You Are the Way you Are” by Marvin Gaye.

“I KNEW it.”

Such is the audio aesthetic of Williams, who also hosts a weekly Sunday music podcast. The Shazam trickster delivered a Quiet-Storm-styled, Modern Soul set last night with music inspired by the Marvins, Badus, Minnies, Robesons, and Jills of the genre’s exalted canon. Three hours of slow-sipping pleasure.

Corinne Bailey Rae. The Joe Smith Project. April Rucker. Nicolas Bearde’s beautiful cover of John Coltrane’s “Naima”. Not one filler selection. Plus, you can download the show. Indie Soul artists need more advocates, and I’m thankful for purveyors like Roger Williams.

I’ve embedded last night’s set below. You can listen to all of Williams’ shows by visiting his archive page

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