William “Roddie” Bryan, the camera-happy guy who we suspected had something to do with Ahmaud Arbery’s lynching, has been arrested for just that

We’ve had our thoughts about you, Billy …

The investigative loop is tightening around the group of people responsible for Arbery’s death — or the group is growing …

88 days after Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, a video of the young man’s final seconds of life, shot by William Bryan, shows up and filled many of our brains with the same question: Why isn’t Billy in jail right now?

And we had more questions. (Warning: do not press the video play button below if you’ve seen the Arbery killing and rather not see it again, or you are emotionally triggered by violence.)

What was Billy filming in the first place where he just happened to have captured a murder in progress, while DRIVING?

Did Billy have his phone out capturing the landscape — while DRIVING — all the time before the murder?

If Billy never dialed 911 — I mean, he’s driving and not Mr. Fantastic so he cannot possibly witness a lynching, drive, film the lynching, and call the police at the same time — what exactly did Billy do right after Arbery fell to the ground?

Is there any post-killing footage to see, given how Billy likes to run the camera so damn much?

The video shows Arbery curiously running into the ready firearms of lynch mob leaders Gregory and Travis McMichael. Why didn’t Arbery turn around, acting as if he had additional escape routes — like behind him and towards the direction Billy was driving from?

Doesn’t it seem like Billy is part of that lynch mob?

Looks like the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) had the same questions — word has come in that Bryan has been arrested for felony murder in connection with the Arbery case

Observers wonder if the US Justice Department — known to me right now as the Trump Justice Department — should get involved in the Arbery investigation.

Given everything we know at this point — inside and outside of Georgia — how do you feel about either option?

song currently stuck in my head: “my cherie amour (live in paris, 1970)” – rahsaan roland kirk and the vibration society

[More — I still think the McMichaels could be serial killers. Search basements. And dig backyards.]

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