Aural Dive: “Da New Sound” by Division X

Division X Da New Sound rap song

” … Spoken hieroglyphics to the rhythm of the drum.”

I can see why Division X says “Nuthin’ new” about many of the rappers who want to put their stamp in the Rap game. Hard to stand out when you’re spitting formulaic fractals void of lyrical layering.

That last point is what ironically makes X’s latest single, “Da New Sound”, well, new.

Rhythmically, you’ve heard elements of the track’s club-ready patterns before — post-Dance Hall fused with the hallowed Boom Bap and scratchy fills — but the combination sounds refreshing from what currently prevails on Spotify’s legal payola playlists. The track immediately hits you with a hint of throwback while sounding like 100-percent 2019.

You can always expect the group’s delivery to be Bronx-confident. But I suggest you peep at how they use poetic efficiency to connect the struggles of the ancestors with the thirst for social justice today without making the song sound like a history class about the Middle Passage:

“Ayo the voice of inspiration left me mentally scarred / So I speak in a language called the Voice of God.”

After all, Division X also wants you to move your body, or at least your head.

Fans of Rap lyrics of Lambo-chasin’ fake contemplations of love and one-night stands should take a listen as well. They may convert.

Check the track embedded below. “Da New Sound” is independently-released and available on BandCamp.

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