Sunday Smack: What About This Race Conversation?

This Sunday Smack deals with a question I’ve indirectly brought up in previous posts: the conversation about race.

Is a conversation necessary? Whose minds would you like to change as a result of a conversation?

After what we’ve seen in America during the past two weeks, do you think a conversation would change anyone’s mind?

If we had this conversation, what would it look like?

Who should be invited to this conversation?

Would you invite this guy?

If your answer is no, why not?

Who should never be invited?

Who would host this conversation?

Who should be the speakers?

How would the conversation be structured?

What would be the goal of this conversation? What would be the final deliverables?

Based on your answers, do you really want a conversation, or do you want something else?

Do you expect others to have a completely different set of answers from yours?

If the answer to my last question is yes, would it be unfair for me to repeat the questions: “Is a conversation necessary? Whose minds would you like to change … ?”

song currently stuck in my head: “the pursuer” – carl allen

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