hillary clinton email lies

Dorothy Allison’s young adult novel Bastard out of Carolina has a quote which partially describes the current state of play in Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s repeated failures to credibly explain her use of a private email server while she served as Secretary of State: “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”

We now know that Clinton publicly lied when she said her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business was within established State Department protocols.

Clinton lied when she said her private email system use was approved by State Department officials.

Clinton lied when she said no classified information was handled by her private server and email account.

We also know that Clinton did not turn over all State Department emails to the agency when asked to do so, despite her assurances that she did.

At this point you may respond with “So what. It’s not like she committed espionage. Plus, don’t all politicians stretch the truth a bit?”

This is the point where the email scandal becomes more interesting.

Let’s momentarily forget the rumors about how Russia’s intelligence services may have hacked into Clinton’s server and collected all her emails while she served at State, even though we’re not talking about a far-out possibility.

I’m going to take a different route and start with a reasonable question, given all the lies we’ve heard so far: what can you believe when Clinton’s entire story about email use has now fallen apart?

With the absence of truth in this string of lies Clinton’s shared during the past few months, it’s difficult to believe her story about how  the use of a private email system was done for convenience.

(Laughing) When in the hell is the deployment of an email server in your home convenient, especially when you’re a technologically-challenged email user like Hillary Clinton?

Nope. Sorry. Just like NBC News’ Chuck Todd, I’m not buying that story.

And my doubts about Clinton bring up another important question: why did she need to lie?

Or, said differently, what is Clinton hiding?

Perhaps that answer will arrive with the conclusion of the FBI’s probe into this mess.

A halfway-intelligent investigator may wonder if there’s any value in mapping the contextual content and corresponding dates of Clinton’s emails with State Department-enacted policies and the activities of the Clinton Foundation, run by Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton.

A possibly interesting outcome, isn’t it?

You could say that a less-ambitious investigative route could deal with what Clinton knew about supporting Islamic jihadists — enemies of the United States — in America’s quest to overthrow Syria President Bashar Al Assad, but my instincts tell me the FBI won’t pursue that option.

At minimum, Clinton’s improper handling of classified information qualifies her for an indictment. What happens after that is unpredictable, but I don’t see a smooth election season — whether or not an indictment is handed down …

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