Annabel (Lee) member Richard E. hipped me to a recently-produced video of the group, armed with an orchestra, performing “Find Me” from their By the Sea … and Other Solitary Places album. I later found a live clip of “Suki Desu” from the group’s YouTube channel.

You know how I feel about By the Sea by now, if you follow my blog. The entire set’s deft convergence of soulful, oceanic and astral vibrations made me a believer early on. I don’t officially keep a Best Albums of the Year list, but By the Sea would’ve easily make that hypothetical collection in 2015.

But can the group deliver the same magic on a stage?

The beautiful answers is below.

Annabel, the other half of the group, contributes her riveting part with crystal-sharp, spectre-tinged harmonics and timing — she hits all those notes from the album in real life, y’all. Richard E. plays acoustic guitar and percussion here.

The video notes say these performances are part of a curated series by KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd, but the videos appear to be components of a larger film project by the group. Stay tuned for details.

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