panama papers leak no americans named

None of my initial thoughts about the Panama Papers will involve me covering my mouth in shock.

Don”t we know by now that ultra-rich folks, both of the legal and illegal varieties, stash loot overseas?

Shoot, the rich admitted about a year ago to owning private airstrips and remote hideouts — in case the global inequality problem turns into a violent rebellion.

And the existence of their wealth — stashed overseas — still surprises you?

What surprises me more is the absence of US-based politicians, business executives and bankers mentioned in the biggest data leak in history.

And given US banks’ history of money laundering, gun money financing, and overall global thug cheerleading through the provision of financial services, why are some of you searching for the nearest faint couch when you hear the Panama Papers leak reveals the names of known criminals?

Plus, you seem to ignore that America has become one of the world’s most attractive, tax-free havens in the world for foreigners looking to park and hide loot.

Or that Mossack Fonseca, the law and wealth management firm whose data has become the fuel for this leak, was already known for being a friend of oligarchs and money launderers.

But perhaps I’m prematurely judging the apparent redacting of Americans from this leak. Didn’t Stefan Plöchinger, digital head of German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, warned that more news is coming?

Anyway, this great leak currently appears to be another round of “West is angelic, East is evil” propaganda.

Need proof? Then explain how Russia President Vladimir Putin, an archenemy of the West, isn’t even named in the Panama Papers, but gets plenty of mentions in the Guardian‘s report of the leak?

My flippant response about the matter doesn’t mean I’m naive.

Naming oligarchs and politicians who desire to evade taxes or lack such little economic faith in their country that they’re stashing loot overseas creates an embarrassing public narrative — particularly in a election year.

And this risk makes me very curious about how the American chapter of this story is going to play out …

song currently stuck in my head: “tupac amaru” – gato barbieri

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