Today’s chapter of the year-long clown show known as the Party of No Brains primary elections—that’s GOP Presidential primaries for you uninitiated folks—featured New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announcing that he’ll enter the race for a chance to sit in the Big Chair.

The Governor’s “Tell it like it is” approach to politics doesn’t fool me one bit. I know a dumb jock when I see one.

Think about those stereotypical gym rats you either saw or heard about in high school. Do you remember what always seemed to happen any time you had an argument with the dumb jock, and he had no comeback of value to offer?

(Laughing) Come on, you remember—the jock would say “SHUT UP!”

Doesn’t Christie like to say “Shut up“?

And didn’t he play high school baseball?

Some social patterns are perennial…

The only thing intelligent about the idea of Christie running for President is that he’s at least smart enough to know when he has nothing useful to say.

Y’know—otherwise, he wouldn’t say “Shut up” so much…

“Shut up” diplomacy isn’t going to work with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, the Islamic State and whoever the hell is currently running that Obama-broken country called Libya.

Do you think “Shut up” can hide the way Christie messed over the education outcomes of poor New Jersey kids?  Imagine what will happen if the Governor extrapolates his public education funding strategy to the rest of the country.

And buckets of “Shut up” won’t erase the fact that Christie’s self-proclaimed value proposition—his integrity—has been shattered after he told State of New Jersey  employees in 2009 that their pensions were sacred to him and would never be cut—before he cut those pensions two years later.

But I’m sure Christie supporters will dismiss that last paragraph as the trivial pursuits of Democrats—and besides, a bad economy will constrain the efforts of even a well-intentioned Governor.

But…I’m not down with the Party of No Guts. And speaking of the Garden State’s jacked-up economy, matters are so far out of control where a report estimates that 40% of New Jersey’s working households cannot afford the basics like food, housing, transportation and health care.

Here’s more economic bad news about Christie’s New Jersey: six-figure earners—the people who you think this silver-spoon Governor would like to keep in his state—are getting the hell out.

And what response would you get from Christie, if you publicly asked him about these issues?

A dumb jock response like this one

song currently stuck in my head: “be my friend (live at isle of wight)” – free

[Note: I have nothing against high school athletes. I played sports when I was a student, and my teammates were pretty smart…]

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