annabel lee believe single music review on ninja tune records and if music

“Believe,” the first single of the upcoming debut album by duo Annabelle (lee), is all at once empyreal, seductive, doleful, lyrical and while the track is modern as hell, it reminds me of how songs used to be made long ago.

by the sea and other solitary places annabel and richard e further out for ninja tune

Unlike many modern artists, vocalist Annabel communicates her musical messages through conceptual imagery, and challenges you to search for meaning. In collaboration with Richard E, the other half of the group and  founder of Further Out Recordings, “Believe” delivers chordal signatures with the engaging qualities of a “River Man,” “Cristo Redentor” and “Don’t Explain,” while feeling perfectly at home as a secret weapon in a DJ’s Lounge set. Annabel, a powerfully capable vocalist, adds a jazz vibe by deftly singing behind the orchestration.

I can’t wait to hear the remaining tracks.

The album By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places will be released on Record Store Day next Saturday, April 18, by  Ninja Tune and If Music. Click this link or below to hear “Believe.”

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