millions march in france with world leaders to recognize charlie hebdo employees murdered by islamic terrorists

While the world may be aware of the millions of marchers in France who expressed support for the Charlie Hebdo employees who were murdered by terrorists for exercising their freedom of the press, I thought a roundup of other recent events—for or against freedom—would be appropriate.

2,000 people, including women and children, were massacred by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria.

Three girls detonated bombs strapped to themselves and killed more than two dozen citizens in norteastern Nigeria during the past two days.

US ally Saudi Arabia delivered the first 50 of 1,000 scheduled lashes to the back of imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi. His crime? Allegedly insulting Islam with his website.

On the same day as the Charlie Hebdo murders, a mini-bus filled with explosives killed 37 people in Sanaa, Yemen. Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch is suspected to have a role in the bombing.

Islamic State still controls a large chunk of Iraq and Syria, and continues to make extremism and death its signature.

America’s Guantanamo Bay detention center celebrated its 13th anniversary of operation yesterday. Gitmo currently accommodates 127 prisoners—most of whom have not been formally charged with any crime.

I suppose this means the world has plenty of marching to do.

Okay, what did I miss…?

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  1. When I look this picture on your post, I am seeing the new “cold war” era. But in this time, over the religions. Probably, Marshall plan and “Green belt project”, which was created after 1950, seem like to be achieved its aim. The governments in Europe, they’ve started to prepare already the new security laws.

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