Source: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Here I go again, offering a dissenting opinion about US Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to leave the Obama Administration.

I think many of the mainstream news sources glossed over some important details about Holder’s tour of duty at the Department of Justice; Fox News analysts have their brains stuck too far up their partisan portholes to offer a balanced opinion; and Al Sharpton is—well, I’m not sure how to accurately describe that Brother’s situation, but I’m pretty sure his declaration of Holder as the greatest civil rights US Attorney General in American history touches the areas of detail negation and party line pimping.

You have to question the value of Holder’s fight for voting rights and marriage equality since he concurrently presided over the National Security Agency’s war against Americans’ civil liberties.

Plus, Holder didn’t protect us from banks since he refused to prosecute a single senior banking executive for causing one of the greatest crashes and subsequent transfers of wealth in American financial history. On top of that, he played the curious role of economist-turned financial analyst to explain why some bankers are Too Big to Jail. I embedded a clip, in case you need a reminder…

Holder’s legal reasoning for the extrajudicial executions of suspected American al-Qaeda operatives means any American could get the same drone hospitality. Let me crystallize that point further—you could be walking down the street minding your business, and this government could kill you without an arrest, indictment, trial, or conviction. Plus, the government doesn’t have to provide details to anyone about why you were off’d.

The embattled Attorney General caught plenty of shrapnel from the Right when he called America a nation of cowards for refusing to have a conversation about race.

But guess who’s leaving office soon without sending at least one invitation for that talk…?

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