waberi jordan put it right there music video

We all have passion, and a few of you have more than one. It’s okay to admit it. This convo is between you, me and the viewing screen.

While some passions are repressed by the cruel hand of others or through our own restrictive choices, some of you do not need to be convinced of emotional liberation – you simply need a weapon to help set you free.

This is why I love artists like vocalist and friend, Waberi Jordan, whose passionate visions – transformed into words, chords and visuals – can open audiences’ eyes, ears and hearts to worlds which have been hiding in plain view. Discovery is the victory, and art is the weapon.

Watching Waberi’s Put it Right There music video reminds me of that discovery. The storyline features Waberi playing the role of a liberally plain-looking bookstore browser whose insides were set afire by the romantic prose of an author, who seems to paint an expressionistic vision of the browser. While the video offers no indication that the author and the browser have ever met, I get the sense that the character saw herself in the writer’s imagination.

Mind blown open. Book bought. Life makeover a near certainty. Mission accomplished.

Tim Russ – yup, that Tim Russ – provides camerawork in collaboration with Skryb Anu, the lens behind Waberi’s previous video, Sunflowers in my Garden. Jim Nestor handles the editing duties.

The track has been released and you can get purchase details from Waberi’s site. Watch the video below, or click here


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