atlas wildcat soldier

OilPrice describes how companies are developing four-legged android soldiers that can move fast, take plenty of punishment, and of course reliably carry out its programmed instructions to hunt and kill targets. The piece also talk about the implications.

Almost makes you wish we remain in the drone age…

For those of you who think nations have been reckless about their decisions to send young men into combat, imagine if robots took the place of humans on the battlefield?

[Image: Beth Cato]
We would go to war every day!

For damn-near any reason!

The US would’ve invaded Syria already!

(Laughing) Hell, the US would invade Canada!

Unless Canada builds its own robot soldiers first…

The question of whether or not the West should send troops to Sudan would no longer be a question.

Terminator Paramount
[Photo: Paramount]
What do you think would happen if Iran announced plans to develop a robot army?

While we’re on the subject, what would happen if all the African countries united and developed a continent-wide army of androids?

That would make a crazy ill sci-fi story…

Of course private military firms like Academi and Aegis will eventually acquire these robots for their own purposes.

And that’s when the fun will REALLY start…

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