My initial dilemma was whether or not I should write about Senator John McCain’s latest bout of tangential erraticism, better known at the moment as his recent Pravda.ru op ed response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s NY Times article.

My subsequent decision point was to decide how much time to spend on my response. Hint: I’m at a downtown restaurant.

I hope no one doubts Russia’s human rights standing in the world. Putin and his team clearly have a host of serious domestic issues to sort out. While Putin’s history of messing with the rights of others makes his NY Times piece ironically interesting, he made some valid points about the Syrian civil war, despite Russia’s interests in the region. Therefore, McCain didn’t say much that the world didn’t already know.

The problem with McCain’s piece is that he didn’t offer much commentary on Syria,  which was the main point of Putin’s article.

In other words, you just heard another instance of McCain’s tangential erraticism.

Okay, back to my beverage…

song currently stuck in my head: “better by the pound” – me’shell ndegéocello

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