New York City spends over $167,000 to house feed and secure each inmate per year

Here’s a crazy idea – let’s make an offer to New York City prisoners, save for the psycho killers,  where we give them $167,000 each year under the condition that they stay out of trouble. Infractions can mean quadruple-life sentences or something.

How many prisoners would jump at the offer and keep their word?

I know some you straight-n-narrow folks might bust a elderly dude in the head and take his wallet to get that kind of payoff, so what if the offer was free schooling through college along with supplemental training where needed to get a job making a proper amount of loot?

Dumb ideas, huh?

Well, not nearly as dumb as spending $167,731 to house and secure inmates in NYC each year!

The expensive revelation comes from the city’s Independent Budget Office.

As a reminder, the average annual cost of educating a child in New York State is less than $20,000 [SOURCE].

The NY Times reports that most of the cost to house an inmate is driven by wages, benefits & pensions, so I’m beginning to wonder if the story was released to the press as a prelude to pitch a radical privatization scheme for the NYC prison system…

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