Rep Peter King considers run for President

(Laughing) The title of my post could have read: “Now confirmed to perform for the 2016 Party of No Brains Freak Show…”

C’mon, team! Rep. Peter King wants to be the next American President??

Are we talking about the House’s go-to Homeland security “guru” who wants plant the seeds for a remix of the Afghanistan-cum-9/11 time bomb by arming the jihadist-infested mercenary army fighting in Syria who some folks still romantically call  “The Rebels”?

Is this the Congressman whose behavior sends the message, “I’m not a racist, but I want all American Muslims placed under surveillance”? Hell, how would you know which ones are violent unless you investigate them all?

The Congressman who seems to ignore all non-Muslim acts of terrorism within US borders, but seems to have a particular hard-on for Muslims?

The Congressman whose version of gun control is to keep armed people away from politicians? 

Aside from his ultra-narrow view of geopolitics and creating more opportunities for the homeland security industry, what grand scheme does he have for rebuilding this economy? Bupkis, based on what he’s said all these years.

The sad part is that King is a leftist in his own party.

Curtain up…

song currently stuck in my head: “walking in space” – quincy jones

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