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The latest Mueller indictment against Russians? We’ll have to wait and see

Before I dig into the latest indictments Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has filed against a dozen Russian military officers for hacking into then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails, I’ll attach my typical caveats whenever writing about The Resistance versus President Donald Trump: … Continue reading

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Searching for Russia conspiracies everywhere — including Malta

Here’s yet another hastily-written anti-Russia piece, presumably from THE RESISTANCE, for the sake of stoking neocon wet dreams of a new Russia boogeyman. Ultimately, there’s plenty of money to be made in fear … Political Dig recently published a story … Continue reading

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Perhaps James Comey’s Statement Shows How “The Donald” (Corleone) Earned His Name

Did you read Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening statement for tomorrow’s Senate hearing? Who needs a script writer for the inevitable President Trump: The Movie when you have Comey? This part:   A few moments later, the President said, … Continue reading

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S.F.M.D. (Silly Flynn Makin’ Dollas)

[BK’s note: I still think President Donald Trump lacks the emotional stability to serve in public office so don’t twist my opinions in this piece into an endorsement of his administration.] The anti-Trump movement has been giddy these days since … Continue reading

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